When knitting or crocheting chemo caps—or anything for the cancer patient—the most important thing is that the item be soft, comfortable and non-itchy.  Please see the Guidelines/Projects page for ideas and helpful tips to keep in mind when working on your project.  Also, here are a few sample patterns/ instructions that are useful for knitting chemo caps.  There are numerous free patterns for both knitting and crocheting on the internet.  Please see the Related Links page for a few that we have found useful.  

This is another variation of the basic hat that is ribbed from top to bottom.  This makes a very stretchy hat and seems to be a bit more masculine.  Here’s a link to the pattern. 

basic hat pattern

Here are a few variations on the basic cap—roll brim, fun fur yarn, soft boucle yarn.  Let your imagination run wild!

Ribbed Knit hat

Pattern for basic knitted cap

Patterns for Chemo Caps

This is a great basic pattern as it includes instructions for multiple weights of yarns.   Here’s a link for it basic hat recipe

Pattern for basic crocheted cap

These are a couple of examples of our crocheted hats.  And, here is a link to one of our favorite patterns.